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Writer, Dancer, Performer, Hip Hop Emcee

I have had the opportunity to be a North Texas Dancer at UNT, and be a News Reporter for The Shorthorn at UTA. I’m an aspiring entertainer with a passion for music and performing. I wrote my first song when I was 11 years old and have been writing and pursing my dream ever since. My brother, Ax2, and I formed a group called “9903” and we strive to make fun and positive Hip-Hop/R&B music. We perform at many community events around the DFW metroplex and out-of-state. Some of our most notable performances include opening up for Jermaine Dupri at the SoSo Summer ‘17 Rap Game tour, performing at the Pre-Stellar Awards in Las Vegas, and also having projects with the Dallas Cowboys Rhythm & Blues Dancers and Mav Maaniacs. I took an interest in theater arts after being casted for a role in a film called “Jerico” starring Jo Marie Payton, George Wallace, and Irma P Hall. 


Hip Hop Emcee, Writer, Dancer, Actor

Yo it’s your boy Ax2. Aka The one and only. This team member brings to you the all in one package deal 25/8 and couldn’t ask for anyone better. Need a friend to talk to, get live with, chill, whatever you need ya boy Ax2 there for you.

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A-Stot Productions


Trying to make millions so I can give it away

Meet The Team: Meet The Team
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